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Job Training

Quantum in collaboration with business and labor organizations, and other education and training providers, developed training programs that target services to meet the changing needs of workers and employers; from equipping dislocated workers with 21st century job skills to the construction worker to develop competencies in green construction technologies; and preparing individuals for high paying jobs that will lift their family from poverty to middle class.

Our job training, continuing education and adult education programs are designed to meet the skill needs of existing and emerging employers and high growth occupations as well as the needs of under-skilled adults. Every one of our education, continuing education and training programs afford students and trainees that ability to advance at work assessments and certifications articulated to the requirements of the next level of education and employment.

Sector strategies for renewable energy, broadband and telecommunications, advance manufacturing and other high demand sectors identified by our staff have become an integral part of Quantum's approach to workforce development.

Economic Development

Public and Private economic development organizations are experiencing more and more competitive challenges to job attraction, retention and creation. To compete, sophisticated analysis and strategies are required.

We have extensive experience assisting clients with various funding programs, including tax increment financing, tax abatement, special business/community transportation improvement districts, redevelopment powers, and enterprise zones. Our analysis often extends to define the needs of public infrastructure investments, identifying targeted industries and services and assessing business expansion needs and effects of industry/business relocation.

Singular actions or investments are not sufficient to meaningfully influence large and diverse economies. Competitive initiatives must be envisioned, executed and coordinated. Quantum is uniquely qualified to help local communities and regional development organizations meet those new challenges.

Community Development

Every community regardless of its size requires proactive planning and development to sustain its health and long-term viability. Quantum is uniquely qualified to help communities plan, guide, and monitor change and anticipate the impacts created by new developments.

Through market studies, demographic and economic trend assessments, attitudinal surveys and community visioning sessions, we gather the information and insights needed to prepare plans and programs tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our team has managed the implementation of land use plans, capital improvement programs, and annexation studies to help guide public and private decision makers.

Our development decisions are made, we design the land use controls, development guidelines and standards, site assembly procedures, and public/private “deal” structure required for successful implementation.

Real Estate Development

Evaluating real estate developments has become a complex science that demands in-depth knowledge of market trends; realistic assessment of a project’s physical, market, financial, and political feasibility; and understanding of investment risks and rewards. Our comprehensive approach to analyzing and integrating these factors has proven effective in helping clients maximize the profitability of their investment decisions.

We work with developers, property owners, businesses, financial institutions, insurance companies, and public agencies to establish the value of real estate assets, identify competitive market factors; conduct location analysis; evaluate the financial feasibility of projects and devise action plans to facilitate timely implementation of projects or investment programs.

Quantum III keeps abreast of changing trends. We anticipate the effects of economic, market, societal and governmental changes on real estate investment ideas and decisions. Recommended actions help clients work within the context of changing trends.

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